Background & Authors

Scholars have to assess the quality of journals in many situations. Ratings have an important
orientation function, particular for junior scholars when selecting internationally recognized journals for their publications. The Verband der Hochschullehrerinnen und Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft (Association of Professors of Business Administration in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) is planning a new journal rating as a successor to JOURQUAL 3.0. For this purpose, the members of the association are to be surveyed. In addition, the academic commissions (WKs) of the association have the option to report a meta-rating of the journals relevant to them. On this website, the Meta-Rating team provides the basis for these WK-specific meta-ratings and explains the underlying method.

Members of the Meta-Rating team:

  • Christian Andres (WHU)
  • Nikolaus Franke (WU Wien)
  • Karen Gedenk (Uni Hamburg)
  • Jörn Schönberger (TU Dresden)
  • Katrin Talke (TU Berlin)